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Baseballblondie's entry for Dec 23rd

baseballblondie photo HogwartsChristmasReunion_zps63f469c4.jpg

Rose Weasley stood staring at herself critically in the floor-length mirror of her bedroom. She took in the sapphire eyes, the curly red hair, the freckles, and sighed. She was never going to be the beauty that her cousin Victorie was. Or figure out how to tame her wild and unruly hair - even with the help of the beauty charms Lily had taught her. But she realized that she was still pretty. She’d grown up from the freckle faced carrot top into a young woman whose hair had darkened into a rich auburn. The freckles could be covered with both makeup and beauty charms. The blue eyes were by far her best feature. They sparkled when she was excited or happy, which was most of the time. Her dress for the evening was a deep navy blue with silver gemstones around her waist. An iridescent shawl and silver heels completed her ensemble.

“Well, Rosie,” she muttered to her reflection. “This is as good as it’s going to get.”

You look beautiful, dear,” the mirror told her.

Rose just waved at the mirror and headed down to her parents’ kitchen. The entire family would be joining them at Hogwarts tonight. It was a special Christmas party that Hogwarts hadn’t seen the likes of in generations. Not only was the school celebrating it’s 2025th anniversary, but it was also hosting a reunion for all of the past and present students. Rose knew that this party was going to be different than the Remembrance Days of those lost in either War. Though she’d been out of school for two years, she was looking forward to reuniting with most of her classmates.

“Mum, Dad, I’m ready,” Rose said as she walked into the kitchen. She chuckled as she saw her father’s jaw drop as he took in her attire.

“You look beautiful,” Hermione said as she hugged her daughter.

“As do you Mum,” Rose replied glancing at her mother’s black gown. Hermione had managed to tame her brown hair into an elegant chignon with just a tendril curling on each side of her face.

“What happened to my little girl,” Ron finally asked as he held Rose at arms’ length. “Can I have her back?”

“Ron,” Hermione exclaimed.

“Seriously though, Rosie. Your mum’s right. You are gorgeous. I can see I’ll have to fight off all your dance partners tonight,” he said.

“And I'm honored to escort the two most beautiful women to the party tonight,” he continued as he drew Hermione’s arm through his and offered Rose his other arm.

The grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were resplendent in their beauty. The staff had gone all out to ensure that the castle and grounds shown like they’d never done before. Because so many dignitaries would be present, the Ministry and the Board of Regents had agreed to set up a special Apparition area on the school grounds. Portkeys were also in use as were the threstal drawn carriages that would deliver guests to the castle steps.

Rose took it all in as she and her parents arrived on the grounds via carriage.

“This reminds me of the Yule Ball,” Hermione said softly.

“It’s so beautiful,” Rose said just as softly.

“Let’s go,” said Ron, pretending he didn’t hear Hermione’s reference to the Yule Ball.

Together the family moved across the grounds and up the steps of the castle. The great doors were open, welcoming all who entered. The Entrance Hall was decorated with evergreens and garlands. Even the paintings had been polished and spruced up.

“Mum! Dad! Rose,” a voice called them from the right. Hermione, Ron, and Rose turned toward the hallway that lead to the Hufflepuff Common Room to greet Hugo.

“Isn’t it grand,” he asked them as he greeted his parents with hugs. “All of the seventh years have been busy helping the staff prepare for tonight. And each House was responsible for something special.”

As her parents chatted with her brother, Rose managed to slip away and move on towards the Great Hall. She found herself continually being stopped for a hug or a greeting from former classmates, professors, family members, and others who knew her. After a hug from Neville, Rose spotted her cousin. Albus was the one cousin she was closest to, even after all these years.

“Happy Christmas Al,” Rose smiled as she joined him at a table. “A bit overwhelming, isn’t it?”

“Happy Christmas Rosie,” he replied. “Yeah it is. It’s swell that we’re able to come back for this, but I sometimes wish that we were still students and that this would be one of the talked about events of our days here.”

“You’re jealous of Lily and Hugo and the other cousins for still being in school and having this party to commemorate their time! I can understand that. I just feel a bit like an outsider. I mean we’re here as adults, not students, but we don’t really fit in with either group, do we,” she said thoughtfully. “In our parents’ days they had the Triwizard Tournament and the War. Hugo and Lily will have the 2025th Christmas Party Reunion. What did we have? The notoriety of being the son and daughter of the Golden Trio. But really, nothing very significant or memorable occurred during our seven years here. Teddy had the privilege of being in the first class of students whose parents were in the War.”

Albus nodded his head in agreement. The two cousins settled into the places and watched their friends and families buzzing around the room. It wasn’t much longer before all of the guests had arrived and the dancing was going to be starting.

The Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shackelbolt, lead the former Headmistress, Minervea McGonagall out onto the floor to the applause of the adults and the snickers of the students. Soon other couples joined them on the floor. Harry and Ginny. Hannah and Neville. Ron and Hermione. Victorie and Teddy. Bill and Fleur. Even some of the students from Rose’s year were out on the floor. The noticeable difference was that current students were obviously not out on the dance floor.

“Well this will never do,” Rose muttered softly.

“What,” Albus asked.

“Our younger classmates are too timid to venture out on the dance floor with their parents. We’ve got to do something,” she explained.

“Hmmm,” he said thoughtfully. “What do you suggest? I can’t dance with my own sister. Nor you with your brother. And since we’re not students anymore, it wouldn’t really do for us to dance with each other to encourage the other students to dance.”

“Why don’t you go ask the Wood girl. I can’t remember her name. She was about three years behind us. And if you see Lysander Scamander around, send him to me.”

Albus agreed and made his way across the room to where the pretty Felicity Wood sat with her parents. On his way, he sent the younger Scamander twin over to Rose with a nod of his head.

“Miss Wood,” Albus said bowing slightly before the girl. “Would you give me the honor of this dance?” She nodded and Albus lead her to the dance floor. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Rose being led to the floor by Lysander with a grin on her face.

Other students, both former and current, saw that Rose and Albus were out on the dance floor with two of the most popular students. They took their cue from them and found partners and hit the floor.

Time passed as Rose found herself dancing every dance. She’d danced with most of her cousins, uncles, parent’s friends, and her own friends from school. But there was one classmate she’d yet to dance with and it was infuriating her.

“Really! He’s just standing over there! I’ve seen him watching me when he thought I wasn’t looking,” she fumed to Albus as they sat out for a few minutes. “Would it kill him to approach me?”

“Well Rose, you did jinx him pretty well the last time you spoke,” Albus said cautiously. “Your hex reminded me of Mum’s Bat Boogey Hex. He’s probably afraid you’ll do something like that again.”

“Yes, but he was my boyfriend! You’d think that should account for something. Like coming over and talking to his ex girlfriend!”

“Let me remind you that you did break up with him,” Albus said gently.

“Well yes. But only because he was cheating on me with Alexandria Bobbins,” Rose retorted.

“Did you actually talk to him to find out his side,” Albus asked calmly.

“No, but I saw that kiss! She’d been trying to get him all year and couldn’t stand it that he was with me. So when I was meeting up with him that day, I saw her kiss him. And it sure looked like he was kissing her back! So I hexed him. And then went off to cry over my broken heart.”

“Yes I remember that,” Albus chuckled. “That hex was as awesome as anything as my mum’s. Plus I was your shoulder to cry on. What did Uncle Ron say when he found out?”

“Oh. I never told Dad who I’d been dating. I mean he knew I was dating someone, but I never told him who. Because we both know my dad. He’d have probably murdered Scorpius for breaking my heart. And then killed him again because he’s a Malfoy. Mum knew, of course. But Dad didn’t know. And he still doesn’t.”

“Rose, don’t you think that if Scorpius dances with you that your father will figure out something,” Albus pointed out. “I mean our dads and his are more polite acquaintances than friends.”

“True. And Mum has always tried to let Dad know that Scorpius isn’t his father. But I guess that there were too many years of bad blood between them. I know that Dad’s always been polite to Scorpius when he’s run into him, which hasn’t been often.”

“You really should go over and talk to him,” Albus told her. “He’s one of my best mates, and I know it’s killed him these past two years that you never let him explain. I know he still cares for you.”

“Really,” Rose asked. “Even after how I treated him? How could he still care? I mean I know I still have very strong feelings for him, hence my frustration at him ignoring me tonight. But I’m also wise enough to know that I probably ruined everything when I hexed him.”

“Once he got over being hexed, he was actually impressed with your talent,” Albus replied drily. “But as to how can he still care, Rosie, that’s something between the two of you. But I know for a fact that he’s wished things could be different between you. Now go. I’ll figure out a way to keep Uncle Ron from killing him.”

“Thanks Al,” Rose said as she rose from her chair. She gave him a quick peck on the check and made her way across the room to where Scorpius was standing chatting with his parents.

“Good evening Mr. Malfoy, Mrs. Malfoy, Scorpius,” Rose said when reached them.

“Good evening Rose,” Astoria Malfoy replied as her husband just nodded. “Don’t you look lovely this evening? Are you enjoying the dance?”

“Yes, ma’am, I am,” Rose replied, doing her best to ignore the tension radiating from the young man standing just feet away. “I’ve never seen the school look as grand as it is tonight. And it’s quite fun to have an occasion to dress up formally. And -”

“Excuse me, Mother, Father,” Scorpius interrupted her. “I believe that Miss Weasley and I have this next dance.” He didn’t give her a chance to protest before capturing her hand and leading her to the floor.

“You really do look beautiful Rose,” he told her softly as the orchestra started up a waltz. “I’ve not been able to take my eyes off of you.”

Rose raised her eyes from his chin to meet his gray ones. There was an emotion in them that caused her to shiver a little.

“Thank you,” she said just as softly. They moved around the room without talking for a few minutes. Rose was aware that several pairs of eyes followed their progress. Her father was scowling, and Rose knew that if it wasn’t for her mum’s restraining hand on his arm that Ron would have crossed the floor to give Scorpius a piece of his mind. Uncle Harry and Mr. Malfoy’s eyes also followed their progress. They’d caught the gaze of several students as well.

“Rose,” Scorpius began.

“Scorpius,” she started at the same time. “I’m sorry. You first.”

“We need to talk.”

“I agree. Only not in here. I’d prefer my father not to harm you tonight.”

“How do you feel to a walk on the grounds? Maybe down by the lake?”

“That would be lovely,” she told him. “Give me a moment to get my wrap and to tell Albus.”

Rose joined Scorpius at the door and together they made their way across the grounds. The silence between them stretched uncomfortably. Rose knew she need to apologize for how she’d treated him two years ago. But she didn’t know how to begin.

“Scorpius, I need to apologize,” she started. “I’m not sorry for hexing you, but for not giving you a chance to explain. I just reacted when I saw you with Alexandria Bobbins and the infamous Weasley temper got the better of me. For that I’m truly sorry.”

“Ah, Rose,” he said taking her hands in his. “I forgave you for that a long time ago. I was quite impressed with your hex. Once I’d cooled off that is. But I do wish you had let me try to explain.”

“I regret that too. I’ve missed my friend. I’d like to have that back again.”

“I seem to recall that we were more than friends,” he said drily. “And you should know that I’m not sure if we can ever go back to being just friends after what we once were. But, like you, I’d like to try. Here. Let’s sit.”

Scorpius conjured up a blanket and helped Rose settle on the blanket. Once she’d settled her skirts around her, he joined her. Reclaiming her hands, he began his explanation.

“First you need to know that there was no way that I’d ever have cheated on you with anyone. Let alone Alexandria Bobbins. I mean, you were the smartest and prettiest girl in school, and you were mine. You and your cousin befriended me when everyone else looked down on me for my father our first year. Sure, our competition was something that pleased our fathers, but Rose, you snuck into my heart when I wasn’t expecting it. Our friendship started to transcend the bounds of a normal friendship. I think both of us were afraid to venture into the dating relationship for fear of losing the other as a friend.

“At first, it wasn’t any different. We were still friends, but now we were more. I know that for my part, I wanted to spend more and more time with you. You’d break into my thoughts when I least expected it and I’d fall asleep at night dreaming of you.

“And it seemed that we did have a good thing going. Sure, I saw the jealous looks that other girls cast your direction. I knew I was a prize. And that most of those girls didn’t care about me as a person, but wanted a piece of the Malfoy fortune and the pureblood prestige. And you saw me as me. And not as a piece of meat.”

He paused, looking deep into Rose’s eyes as his hands gently traced circles along hers. Before he had a chance to continue, Rose interrupted him.

“I was the same way. I wanted you for you and not your family. Because you also saw me as me and not for my famous parents or a member of the huge Weasley clan. So yes, we were good together. And I saw all of those looks. I’d hear girls stop talking anytime I entered a room. I’d be in the library studying when I’d catch snippets of conversation of how I didn’t deserve you and that she’d do anything to make us breakup. Looking back now, it was probably Alexandria, but I never heard more than a word here or there. But please continue. I want you to.”

Scorpius smiled. Evidently she wasn’t as unaffected by him as she wanted him to think.

“I was waiting to meet up with you after you got back from Hogsmeade,” he continued still grasping Rose’s hands. “You and one of of your cousins were planning on shopping for your grandfather’s birthday, so we agreed to meet up when you got back. You were the reluctant one in going on the shopping trip because you really wanted to spend the day with me. I insisted that you go and spend time with your cousin.

“I’d planned to spend the morning preparing for the last Quidditch game and planning out the next practice. I’d just finalized my plans and decided to head out to meet you at our spot. Alexandria Bobbins called me over as I crossed the Great Hall and headed to the stairs. She insisted that she needed my help with her Potions homework. I told her that I was on my way to meet with my girlfriend and that I wasn’t able to help her. I also informed her that I wasn’t very good in Potions and she’d be better off asking someone else. She insisted. In fact, she even grabbed my arm to stop me. I was trying to break away when the next thing I knew she was kissing me. I was stunned. Then you hexed me. And you wouldn’t talk to me at all. Those last six weeks of school were the most miserable I’d ever been.

“Though these past two years have also been pretty miserable. I mean, I’d managed to put my life back into some semblance of order, but I felt that I was missing a major part of myself. I realize now that that part was you. I missed having you in my life. I missed your smiles, your laughter, your tears, your temper. In truth, Rose, I missed having the woman I loved being in my life,” he finished looking deeply into Rose’s eyes.

At her catch of breath, he decided to press his luck and drew her close to him. “I still love her,” he whispered as he touched his lips to hers. Her lips were soft and yielding under his. He took care to keep the kiss gentle and when she stiffened in his arms, he released her.

“I’m not going to apologize for that kiss,” he told her watching her carefully.

Rose shook her head. She’d jumped to so many conclusions and thought the worst of him.

“Oh Scorpius,” she said softly. “What a git I’ve been! I should have realized that you weren’t to blame. And that you wouldn’t have done that to me. But I was so mad! Because all I saw was the smug look Alexandria shot me right after she kissed you! I’d managed to convince myself that you didn’t care about me and that you wanted to be with a pureblood.”

“Rose, that couldn’t have been further from the truth,” he said mournfully.

“I know that now,” she replied. “But at the time, I was hurt. I wasn’t thinking clearly. And before I knew it, school had finished and we still weren’t talking. I knew that you weren’t with Alexandria because she made it a point to comment in my presence that she would do this or that to get your attention. Truthfully, she disgusted me. But somehow that kiss and my hex ruined a wonderful friendship. We’d gone from being the best of friends to being practically total strangers. I know I wandered around school for those last six weeks in a bit of a fog. I was just trying to get through the day.

“Once we graduated, I felt sure that we’d run into each other somewhere - the Ministry, Diagon Alley, anyplace really. But we never did. Our paths just didn’t cross. One month passed. Then another. By the time six months had passed, I’d been so busy with my work as an apprentice Healer, that I didn’t look for you everywhere I went. Albus kept me informed of what you were doing and all that, but he never once told me that you were as miserable as I.

“And I was miserable. To most of the world, I was able to hide behind my mask I wore daily, but to my family, they saw right through it. My older cousins kept trying to set me up with this bloke or that bloke. But it wasn’t the same. The guys were nice and everything, but there was something missing. I found I couldn’t surrender even a piece of my heart to those guys. So before I knew it, a year had gone by, then two. And still I wouldn’t admit, even to myself, what I was missing.

“I started to dread the family gatherings because of all the matchmakers in my family. It wasn’t until talking with Albus earlier this evening that I even admitted to myself that I still cared for you. And I only did that because I was mad you were ignoring me.

“But like you, I’ve been miserable these past two years. I missed my best friend. I’ve come to realize that I love you. I know I cared strongly for you in school, but sometime over the past few years, I’ve come to love you. Really and truly love you,” she finished saying with a smile as she launched herself back into his arms and kissed him for all she was worth.

A clearing of a throat pulled the pair apart. They looked up to find Albus standing there with a grin on his face.

“I hate to interrupt this you two,” he said. “But I figured you’d rather it be me who came and fetched you as opposed to Uncle Ron. Last I saw him, he was checking his watch and then the door and then his watch again. Dad and Aunt Hermione are trying to keep him from coming out to find you. So I said I’d come look for you Rose and escort you back inside. I hope that this means you two have managed to work everything out?”

“We have,” Rose said with a smile. “Of all of the cousins to be matchmaking, I didn’t expect this from you, but we’re both forever grateful.”

“Well, I knew that you both were miserable without the other. And as opposed to making me miserable as well, I knew that if you could just talk, that things would work out between you. Besides you’re both my best mates. I couldn’t help but want you together,” Albus laughed as he turned to head back to the castle. “Seriously though, I expect you to be right behind me. Or I won’t be responsible for Uncle Ron’s actions.”

“I guess we should go back in,” Rose said softly.

“Before we do,” Scorpius said. “I have one thing to ask you. I know that tonight would be too soon for you to consider it. But I want you to know that at some point in the near future, I will be asking you to share my life. And I hope that your answer will be yes.”

“Yes, I’ll marry you and share your life,” Rose replied. “And you won’t have to ask me again. But I do think that we should work on rebuilding what we’ve lost over the last two years. So yes we’re engaged. But we’re not going to be getting married anytime soon.”

“I agree,” he said. “Now Miss Weasley, may I escort you back to the ball?”

Rose took his arm and together they made their way across the grounds back to the castle. They both knew that they’d have to face first her father then his. But they were up for that task. After all Christmas was magical and this had to have been the most magical Christmas Reunion in the history of Hogwarts.

The End.


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